Driving instruction permit

  • The driving instruction given in a driving school can be substituted with instruction given with a driving instruction permit.

  • While Trafi grants driving instruction permits, the application is submitted to Trafi's service provider Ajovarma. You must visit an Ajovarma office to fill out the driving instruction permit application.

  • Remember that the learner must apply for a driving licence permit before taking a driving examination. The permit must be valid when booking a time for the tests.

  • If this is the first driving licence for the candidate, he or she must pass the training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS) before starting the driving instruction. The candidate must carry the certificate of passing the training during driving. Ask for a certificate for the instruction received from the drivingschool. You will need this for the theory test and driving test.

  • The training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS), which comprises 4 hour of theory lessons, is compulsory for all who are applying for a driving licence for the first time.
    The instruction includes 4 hours of theory training on the basic rules of traffic.
    The purpose of this training is to provide the person applying for a driving licence with basic information about the road traffic system, vehicle interaction and risks, factors affecting the safety of different road user groups, responsibilities and obligations associated with driving motor vehicles, and other requirements for driving safely and with good situational awareness.

  • Required only for those applying for a passenger car licence Risk driving education before you participate in the driving test.

  • The instruction includes 4 hours of theory and 4 hours of driving that relate to the recognition and management of safety risks on the road. The driving instruction is partly provided using a simulator.
    The training increases readiness for driving in difficult conditions and supports in other ways the acquisition of safe, responsible and law-abiding driving habits. In particular, the training strengthens the ability to recognise and avoid dangerous road situations and factors which may weaken the driver’s driving ability and thus increase the risk of accidents.



Here you can read more: https://ajokortti-info.fi/en/getting-driving-licence/driving-instruction-permit