T driving license


  • The training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS), which comprises 4 hour of theory lessons, is compulsory for all who are applying for a driving licence for the first time.
    • The instruction includes 4 hours of theory training on the basic rules of traffic.
    • The purpose of this training is to provide the person applying for a driving licence with basic information about the road traffic system, vehicle interaction and risks, factors affecting the safety of different road user groups, responsibilities and obligations associated with driving motor vehicles, and other requirements for driving safely and with good situational awareness.
  • You must pass the theory test of a driving examination to get a category T driving licence. You must be at least 15 years old before you can take the theory test


The rights to drive of a category T driving licence


  • A category T licence entitles you to drive tractors and tractor all-terrain vehicles with a maximum speed of 60 km/h.
    • T1a and T1b category, T2a and T2b category and T3a category vehicles


Category T3b vehicles are an exception, for which you will need a category AM/121 right to drive beginning on 1 July 2018.


  • For tractors whose maximum design speed exceeds 60 km/h, a driving licence for a passenger car or lorry is required depending on the mass of the vehicle.
    • The total mass is at most 3,500 kg: a driving licence for a car (B).
    • The total mass is at most 7,500 kg: a driving licence for a lorry (C1).
    • The total mass is over 7,500 kg: a driving licence for a lorry (C).


  • A tractor driver is required to have the professional competence of a lorry driver if the tractor is used for driving referred to in the Act on the professional qualifications of lorry and bus drivers.


  • A trailer may be attached to the tractor without further requirements for the licence (E categories). If the design speed of the tractor exceeds 60 km/h, a vehicle combination consisting of a tractor and trailer may, depending on the total mass of the tractor, be therefore driven with just a category B/C1/C driving licence.


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