BE and C1E-license

BE-driving license


  • all cases where the trailer's total mass exceeds the towing vehicle's unladen mass.
  • all cases where the trailer's total mass is over 750 kg and combination's total mass is over 3 500 kg.


BE-combo driving license (small E) has no mandatory theory or driving instruction. The test can be done on your own. We arrange driving instruction upon request. Without exercise, it is difficult to manage the driving test and on the driving school you can practice before the theory test on driving school computers. We also help with study materials, driver's license application to Trafi and other office services. Rental of trailer also possible.



C1E license


  • C1E-driving license giving access only to drive a truck for private use. For professional driving requires specific professional courses for professional drivers.


Trucks and other vehicles whose total mass is over 3 500 kg but not exceeding 7,500 kg and in addition the driver can accommodate up to eight people, and combinations of vehicles where the towing vehicle's total mass does not exceed 7500 kg and vehicle combination mass of up to 12000 kg.


We arrange theory lessons for BE- and C1E-license only by inquiry in english.