AM120 - Moped license


  • The training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS), which comprises 4 hour of theory lessons, is compulsory for all who are applying for a driving licence for the first time.
    • The instruction includes 4 hours of theory training on the basic rules of traffic.
    • The purpose of this training is to provide the person applying for a driving licence with basic information about the road traffic system, vehicle interaction and risks, factors affecting the safety of different road user groups, responsibilities and obligations associated with driving motor vehicles, and other requirements for driving safely and with good situational awareness.


  •  You may start practising riding a moped after you have turned 15.
  • As of 1 July 2018, no driving instruction will be required for a driving examination; however, this is recommended for passing the examination.
    Note: We do not rent our mopeds to the examination if you don't attend driving lessons
  • The driving examination for a moped includes a theory and handling test.
  • You can take the theory test one month before turning 15.
  • To take the handling test, you must have passed the theory test.
  • You can take the handling test once you have turned 15.


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